Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New NYC Expert Last Lip Color Review

So I saw these out and thought I would pick up a couple of the shades to try. They retail for £1.00/99p depending on where you go.
There are 7 shades (shown on the website), but I only managed to get my hands on 6! What is fantastic about them is that the packaging colour matches the shade so it makes it easier to help you decide what to pick! 
These are the ones I got......

411 - Snowcone

This colour was very shimmery, but still a very sweet, wearable, pink. It is very creamy and moisturising on the lips. It was still quite pigmented and went on nice and evenly. I would recommend this one.

448 - Smooth Beige

This one was very creamy but the colour just wouldn't go on smoothly and separated on the lips so it didn't look very nice. I wouldn't recommend this one.

443 - Purple Crush

This colour was lovely and again very creamy, but this one wasn't as pigmented and was more like a stain on the lips which would look really nice for someone who wore more natural makeup. I would recommend this one.

405 - Blue Rose

As the name suggests this colour is a very blue-based pink, so if your not into those sorts of colours steer clear. To me this was a lovely colour, and brighter than the others so far. Again it was more like a stain on the lips, but none the less a lovely colour. I would recommend this one.

450 - Pure Coral

This was a lovely coral-red colour and was really bright and pigmented. It was again a really creamy colour and looked and felt really nice on the lips. This colour would be great in the summer. I would definitely recommend it.

432 - Red Rapture

This was a more deeper red colour, it was very pigmented and creamy on the lips and would be great as a more going out colour, or if your daring enough an everyday colour. I would highly recommend this one.

So out of all 6 of the colours I tried only one of them was a disappointment, and for the price thats fantastic! The formula is really creamy and comfortable on the lips and the colour range is really great. They are all so pigmented and gorgeous colours. 
They claim to last 6 hours, but they are so creamy I'm not sure they would if your eating and drinking, the longest I've worn a colour is about 2 hours and it was mostly all gone. 
They have a sweet vanilla smell so thats lovely as well. 
Also the shape of them means its so easy to apply and you really get a precise line around the lips! All in all they are a fantastic product and I would Highly Recommend them.

Shout out to my best friend on here -
I'm challenging her to up her posts to twice a week for the next 3 weeks over the easter holidays!!! <3 

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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