Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mini Reviews

A cup of coffee in the morning.... now that's a good start. Did I also mention my slight tea and coffee obsession, I probably drink enough for an entire family.

Anyway back to the beauty side of life and I feel a good start would be talking about what I am currently using in April. For starters I have just jumped onto the coco-white bandwagon. It really is quite good, I haven't been using it for long but I feel I can see results and my mouth and teeth feel much cleaner and healthier. After you get passed the fact it is like squeezing Vaseline in your mouth the flavors available are not too bad, my favourite being the vanilla one as it tastes just like milky bar chocolate. This product makes my mouth feel so clean afterwards and after I have swirled for 15 minutes I actually feel accomplished! I ordered mine of the official website and it arrived very quickly and their delivery service was brilliant they even give you a time and name of who would be delivering it.

Next on the list which I was a bit late to use is the Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief gel-cream formula. Now I got completely sucked into the limited addition size as everyone was raving about it I thought it must be amazing lets pay £50 for the 125ml size. I couldn't have been more wrong, In all honesty every time I use it I cant stop thinking about how much of a waste of money it is. My Simple daily facial moisturiser is just as good and a tenth of the cost. It just doesn't do it for me, I feel that the skin around my nose is dryer than it has ever been. (My skin type is normal to dry) Also because it is a gel it takes so long to soak into the skin, it says it can be used as a hydrating mask which would probably be better. Alongside this product I have been using the moisture surge face spray, which I have really been enjoying, it really is lovely and refreshing to spray onto the skin and I really feel its brightens the face instantly.

Then we have the Nars stage, for me this began around Christmas time, I thought why not buy the lip gloss Turkish delight (supposedly Kim Kardashian used it for sometime), and also why not buy Nars laguna bronzer again in a limited edition size. If you start to see a pattern yes I get totally sucked in when it comes to shopping! Now both these products have had some serious hype surrounding them so better late than never .... the lip gloss is absolutely amazing and I most definitely will be trying out more of the colours, its just a lovely pale pink to wear on a a daily basis. The bronzer is just amazing as well, especially as we are coming into the warmer weather (well in England we are hoping for warmer weather), it is a lovely colour and works perfectly as a bronzer or contour, it is such a smooth consistency as well, I thoroughly enjoy using it. The only thing with it is I find you need to use a very light hand otherwise it could look too muddy.

These are what I have been using through April, everyone will have different opinions these are just my honest thoughts.


(Disclaimer - the photos used are from google, they are not my own.)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Start

So here goes....

I have a love and passion for all things beauty.... my love (or should I say obsession) for makeup especially is getting out of hand, so instead of focusing on constant shopping trips I thought I would focus my energy on writing a blog. My bank balance would appreciate it!

I am a trainee beauty therapist currently completing level 2 and mentally preparing for level 3, I mean going from simple manicures and pedicures to epilation is just a terrifying thought! I went through the whole 'A Level' stage of life and realised it just wasn't for me and that the only thing I had a true interest in was beauty so I decided to pursue it at college. THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.

Anyway beauty has always been a big thing for me (not just a sob story), but I just genuinely wasn't a very confident person and wearing makeup changed that. I remember walking into the classroom every morning (at a very strict all girls school) and I would get two steps in and the teacher would give me a baby wipe and send me to the bathroom.... whoops! Make up was an escape for me I loved trying it out and that's when the old bank balance started hating on me.

On another note I also suffer with anxiety, I have had some very bad experiences with it and still don't have it totally under control, its a pain and a burden. To get through it I focus all my energy on what I love.... beauty. I aspire to be like all those incredible women out there... Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge. They are my idols. Watching them make it in the world of beauty inspires me and that is a main factor as to how I can still be such a strong character with a crippling inside (anyone with anxiety will know that crippling feeling in the bottom of your stomach as if someone has just winded you).

Anyway I thought I would just give a brief insight into my life and what I want my blog to contain.

Oh and it will probably end up being filled with first impressions as shopping seems to be something im too good at!!!



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