Sunday, 6 March 2016

L.A. Colors Lipstick Review

So I saw these on an L.A. Colors stand and so I thought I would try some of the colours out so that anyone who wants to buy any can know if they are good or not! I bought 12 of them and they were £1 each so very cheap compared to a mac lipstick that is £15.50, but is the quality comparable? Lets find out...

Satin - This was quite pigmented and smooth, although you did need to build the layers up a couple of times. It is a beautiful frosted, peachy colour. I would recommend this one.

Pink Ice - This one was not pigmented at all and was just chunky shimmer, so I would definitely not recommend it.

Matte Caramel Cream - This one is a beautiful orangey colour and slightly more matte than the previous ones. It was really quite pigmented as well, so I would recommend this one.

Matte Berry Ice - This one is another gorgeous colour, it isn't the most matte lipstick, and you do have to layer it up so it doesn't look patchy, but for the price and colour you can't really complain. So I would recommend this one.

Matte Amethyst - This one is a beautiful purple shade, again not the most matte and you do have to build it up, but its such a unique colour its definitely worth it. So I would recommend this one.

Precious Plum - This one just wouldn't go on smoothly, as you can see in the picture it is patchy and it didn't matter how many layers or how I applied it, it stayed patchy. So I wouldn't recommend this one.

Pink-a-Boo - This one was a big let down, it looks like such a gorgeous barbie pink, but as you can see its so sheer, when its on the lips it doesn't show up at all. So I wouldn't recommend this one.

Matte Purple Passion - This one is a lovely, bright, more fuchsia colour. It went on really smooth and is gorgeous, so I would recommend this one.

Luscious Wine - This one is a gorgeous and highly pigmented red. It went on so smooth and wasnt patchy at all. So I would definitely recommend this one.

Berry Red - This one is a more orangey red, but again gorgeous colour and great pigmentation, and so easy to apply. I would recommend this.

Petal - This one looks like such a cute, girly, peachy colour, but was a bit of a let down as its just so sheer and doesnt really do anything. So I wouldn't recommend this one.

Matte Maroon - This one is a fantastic dark, vampy shade. The pigmentation is great and it isn't too patchy and is easy to apply. I would recommend this one.

All these lipsticks contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which is a big plus. Also because of the aloe vera they aren't drying on the lips at all, they don't taste of anything either. These are just all my own opinions, but I hope it helps anyone wanting to buy them. For the price they are pretty impressive, so I would definitely recommend you to go and check them out!



  1. now I want most of these you just need to stop

    1. They are awesome definitley try them!!! xxx

  2. These colors are so nice! I love it when I can get a great deal on lipsticks. They look so smooth and it's nice that the darker shades aren't too patchy.