Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Smokey Eye Makeup Look + Matching Nails

In every eyeshadow palette there are always colours you don't use, so I created this look using those colours from my Naked palette. The reason I haven't used them is because I use warm toned colours on my eyes as I feel more cooler tones don't necessarily suit me as much... but I thought I would experiment!

The colours I used are;
  • 'Virgin' blended all over the eyelids.
  • 'Gunmetal' blended into the crease
  • 'Toasted' to add a bit of shimmer blended on top and on the inner corner of the eye.
I then painted my nails using 'Blizzard' by Ciaté and it went so well with the eye look.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Winged Liner - Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner Review

Again late on the bandwagon, but I recently bought the 'Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner' in black to try out.

I wanted to create quite a dramatic wing with it to see what it was like.

Now first of all the packaging - I don't like the way you have to apply it, I feel that its really hard to get a sharp tip on the end of the wing using the applicator and also the way the products released means it crumbles and balls up sometimes when your trying to apply it. 
You need a lot of patience with this product! 

But after all that I still love it, because it is the blackest, most pigmented liner I have ever used, and once it was on it didn't budge, although if you make the layer of liner too thick it may crumble slightly. Its so difficult to apply but once its on it looks gorgeous and for that reason I really like it, the formula is fantastic, the packing and the way you have to apply it not so much. But for the formula I would recommend it. It retails for £18.50, and although that is expense I think it is worth it, you just need patience with it.

I would love to hear any of your recommendations for a better liner for me to try.
I hope you enjoyed this post.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New NYC Expert Last Lip Color Review

So I saw these out and thought I would pick up a couple of the shades to try. They retail for £1.00/99p depending on where you go.
There are 7 shades (shown on the website), but I only managed to get my hands on 6! What is fantastic about them is that the packaging colour matches the shade so it makes it easier to help you decide what to pick! 
These are the ones I got......

411 - Snowcone

This colour was very shimmery, but still a very sweet, wearable, pink. It is very creamy and moisturising on the lips. It was still quite pigmented and went on nice and evenly. I would recommend this one.

448 - Smooth Beige

This one was very creamy but the colour just wouldn't go on smoothly and separated on the lips so it didn't look very nice. I wouldn't recommend this one.

443 - Purple Crush

This colour was lovely and again very creamy, but this one wasn't as pigmented and was more like a stain on the lips which would look really nice for someone who wore more natural makeup. I would recommend this one.

405 - Blue Rose

As the name suggests this colour is a very blue-based pink, so if your not into those sorts of colours steer clear. To me this was a lovely colour, and brighter than the others so far. Again it was more like a stain on the lips, but none the less a lovely colour. I would recommend this one.

450 - Pure Coral

This was a lovely coral-red colour and was really bright and pigmented. It was again a really creamy colour and looked and felt really nice on the lips. This colour would be great in the summer. I would definitely recommend it.

432 - Red Rapture

This was a more deeper red colour, it was very pigmented and creamy on the lips and would be great as a more going out colour, or if your daring enough an everyday colour. I would highly recommend this one.

So out of all 6 of the colours I tried only one of them was a disappointment, and for the price thats fantastic! The formula is really creamy and comfortable on the lips and the colour range is really great. They are all so pigmented and gorgeous colours. 
They claim to last 6 hours, but they are so creamy I'm not sure they would if your eating and drinking, the longest I've worn a colour is about 2 hours and it was mostly all gone. 
They have a sweet vanilla smell so thats lovely as well. 
Also the shape of them means its so easy to apply and you really get a precise line around the lips! All in all they are a fantastic product and I would Highly Recommend them.

Shout out to my best friend on here -
I'm challenging her to up her posts to twice a week for the next 3 weeks over the easter holidays!!! <3 

Hope you enjoyed this post.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Date Night Makeup Look

So I'm normally drawn towards using the Naked Palette as it contains all the neutral and nude shades, but I thought I would create a date night look using the Naked 3 Palette which contains the pink and rose gold shades.

This is what I came up with....

  1. Firstly I applied 'Benefit Stay Don't Stray' primer all over the eyelids and blended that in.
  2. Next I blended 'Limit' all over the lids.
  3. I then took 'Nooner' and started to blend that ever so slightly into the crease, adding more each time to build up the colour.
  4. I then took the tiniest bit of 'Factory' and applied that on the outer corner and blended that in.
  5. I then mixed 'Buzz' and 'Dust' together and gently patted that all over the eyelids on top of 'Limit'.
  6. I then took 'Nooner' and ran some of that under my lash line to pull the look together. 
  7. To finish the look off I took 'Strange' and put some on the inner corner of the eye to brighten the look up.
I thought this was a really cute date night look and it really bought out the blue in my eyes. I hope you liked the post!


Friday, 18 March 2016

Ebay Fakes Haul - Inspired by Krissy Grotez

So I always see that on eBay they sell lots of fakes of well known brands, so I thought it would be fun to haul some fakes and see what they are like (I will review them after using them for a while in a separate post). This post was inspired by Krissy Grotez's youtube video 'Ebay Finds #1 Makeup, Brushes & More!'. I thought it was such a fun idea I had to give it a go!

The Fakes vs Real Deal Prices:

Starting off with the fakes.....
  • 'The Balm Eyeshadow Quad' - £1.69
  • 'Pink Beauty Blender' - £2.82
  • 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit' - £14.50
  • '7 Pieces Brush Set (Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes)' - £5.22
  • 'Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Kit' - £7.48
  • 'Nars Ita Kabuki Brush' - £1.49
The real ones.....
  • The Balm Eyeshadow Trio - £14.49
  • Beauty Blender - £16.00
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit - £39.00
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes Set of 3 - £30.00
  • Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Kit - $46.00
  • Nars Ita Kabuki Brush - £43.00
So far they are all proving to actually be really good, especially the brushes and the contour kits, I will update you in more depth when I have used them all for a bit longer. I hope you enjoyed this post!


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Drugstore Dry Shampoo Review

So I have recently tried out a couple of new dry shampoo's, so I thought I would review and rank them so any of you wanting to know which ones are good and which ones aren't will know. These are all drugstore dry shampoo's.

  1. Batiste Original Dry Shampoo - So the best dry shampoo I have ever used is this one, I can go up to four days without washing my hair by just using this and spraying it into the roots. (I obviously have showers in between to wash the rest of me just not my hair.) This dry shampoo doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy it makes it look freshly washed and smells fresh and doesn't dry out my hair. Its fantastic!
  2. Pantene Dry Shampoo Volume Booster - This is only in second place because I found a different use for it rather than a dry shampoo. As a dry shampoo its awful and it makes your hair even more greasy than it was before. But as a volume booster to help me tease the ends of my hair to put into a messy bun its fantastic, and really helps hold the tease in all day and gives a tonne of volume.
  3. Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo - This one is in last place as its the worst one I've tried. It just didn't do anything to my hair and if anything made it more greasy. It wasn't a good dry shampoo at all and I wouldn't recommend it.
I just wanted to say that I have blonde hair so I have never found any dry shampoo's to leave it looking white, but obviously this is because my hair isn't dark, so just take that into consideration when buying any dry shampoo.

I would love to hear any of your recommendations of what to try next! Remember these are all my own opinions.


Monday, 14 March 2016

So Susan Featherlash Mascara Review

So in one of my Birchboxes (November) I got a mascara 'So Susan Featherlash Mascara' , so I thought I would try it out and do a review on it so you could see what it was like.

Firstly the packaging and price;
The packaging is very simple, sleek and black.

The mascara came as a full size sample in the box which was awesome and retails for £18.
So for the price I had high hopes for the product and the packaging was okay, nothing exciting but it wasn't bad. 

What it claims to do;
"For thicker, fuller lashes, you need to catch them all in one stroke - and with this mascara you can! It coats even the shortest lashes in volumising, long-lasting pigment."

I do not agree with the statement at all! The brush is so big and chunky you can't get small lashes without getting it on your skin or in your eye.

Also "volumising, long-lasting pigment", it gave me no volume and lasted about half an hour without crumbling and smudging under my eyes.

When I used it...
So the first day I wore it to work for about 6 hours and I was very disappointed, even after about half an hour it was crumbling all under my eye and half way through the day it had smudged all under my eyes and I looked like I hadn't taken my make up off the night before. Anyway I took it off and tried it again the next day and the same thing happened, I have combination skin so it's not extremely oily anywhere and I have never had this problem before (unless it was an old mascara crumbling). So honestly I'm not very impressed with the mascara, I would not recommend it and will not be repurchasing it (this is my own personal opinion). 

Again this is my own personal opinion but I hope this helps any of you who were going to buy it, there are many better mascara's out there that are a lot cheaper. Such as the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara which retails at £7.99. I will be doing a review on that next as I have been using it non stop for the last couple of weeks.

Im sorry that this was a negative review, I just want to do honest reviews on everything I try, so that when you guys read them your prepared for what your about to buy and save you from wasting money!
Anyway on a more positive note I hope you enjoyed the post


Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm Review

So I thought I would try this out as a primer like everyone has been raving about, to see if it is any good and comparable to any marketed primers I have previously used.
What I did was wash my face and apply my moisturiser as usual, and then I applied it to the whole of my face and rubbed it in until it felt slightly tacky on my skin. It does have a slight manly scent to it but nothing too overpowering and as soon as your makeup is on the scent is gone! I didn't use any other primer and I didn't use eye primer either because I wanted to test it out fully! This is what my makeup looked like when it was first done....

10 hours later this is what it looked like...
(Excuse the selfies I was playing around with the snapchat filters)

But flawless right ?!?
My makeup hasn't budged or worn off at all! Even my eyeshadow hasn't creased or anything! My face hasn't gone oily at all (I have combination skin), it has stopped any makeup from clinging to any dry patches. My skin never looked better when I took my makeup off.
I am in shock at how good it is! 
I didn't even have to touch up at all during the 10 hours I had my makeup on for!

So I would definitely recommend this as a primer to everyone, I honestly think it would work on anyone's skin type, and is just AMAZING! Nothing has ever held my makeup on as well!
FOR THE PRICE..... £2.99!
It is so good I highly recommend you all to try it out, you won't regret it!

I would love to hear if any of you have tried it out, and if so how you found it!
(Remember these are all my own opinions, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.) 


Sunday, 6 March 2016

L.A. Colors Lipstick Review

So I saw these on an L.A. Colors stand and so I thought I would try some of the colours out so that anyone who wants to buy any can know if they are good or not! I bought 12 of them and they were £1 each so very cheap compared to a mac lipstick that is £15.50, but is the quality comparable? Lets find out...

Satin - This was quite pigmented and smooth, although you did need to build the layers up a couple of times. It is a beautiful frosted, peachy colour. I would recommend this one.

Pink Ice - This one was not pigmented at all and was just chunky shimmer, so I would definitely not recommend it.

Matte Caramel Cream - This one is a beautiful orangey colour and slightly more matte than the previous ones. It was really quite pigmented as well, so I would recommend this one.

Matte Berry Ice - This one is another gorgeous colour, it isn't the most matte lipstick, and you do have to layer it up so it doesn't look patchy, but for the price and colour you can't really complain. So I would recommend this one.

Matte Amethyst - This one is a beautiful purple shade, again not the most matte and you do have to build it up, but its such a unique colour its definitely worth it. So I would recommend this one.

Precious Plum - This one just wouldn't go on smoothly, as you can see in the picture it is patchy and it didn't matter how many layers or how I applied it, it stayed patchy. So I wouldn't recommend this one.

Pink-a-Boo - This one was a big let down, it looks like such a gorgeous barbie pink, but as you can see its so sheer, when its on the lips it doesn't show up at all. So I wouldn't recommend this one.

Matte Purple Passion - This one is a lovely, bright, more fuchsia colour. It went on really smooth and is gorgeous, so I would recommend this one.

Luscious Wine - This one is a gorgeous and highly pigmented red. It went on so smooth and wasnt patchy at all. So I would definitely recommend this one.

Berry Red - This one is a more orangey red, but again gorgeous colour and great pigmentation, and so easy to apply. I would recommend this.

Petal - This one looks like such a cute, girly, peachy colour, but was a bit of a let down as its just so sheer and doesnt really do anything. So I wouldn't recommend this one.

Matte Maroon - This one is a fantastic dark, vampy shade. The pigmentation is great and it isn't too patchy and is easy to apply. I would recommend this one.

All these lipsticks contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which is a big plus. Also because of the aloe vera they aren't drying on the lips at all, they don't taste of anything either. These are just all my own opinions, but I hope it helps anyone wanting to buy them. For the price they are pretty impressive, so I would definitely recommend you to go and check them out!