Monday, 1 February 2016

My Night Time Routine

As I sit here with my freshly brewed cup of tea (not coffee... because we have run out :( !!!) I thought I would share my evening routine with you. Now this is the routine I do about 2-3 times a week just to pamper myself and have some 'me' time. 
First things first put on some music! Lately I've been LOVING Justin Bieber, so he's what I'm playing. Then get a fresh pair of pyjamas out ready for when you get out of the bath (nothing better than putting a fresh set on), which brings me on to my next step running a bath, which obviously includes a bath bomb!
Whilst I run a bath I do a quick cleanse over my face with my Clarins 'Pure Melt Cleansing Gel' just to get the majority of my makeup off. Then I relax in the bath with candles burning - Glade- relaxing zen is my favourite still!

Afterwards I get out and put my Pjs on, then its time to remove the rest of my makeup (I do this as the heat from the bath helps to melt and breakdown any leftover makeup making it easier to remove). I do another cleanse with the same gel, then use the Clarins eye makeup remover to get any leftover mascara off.

Next is to exfoliate my face with the Pure & Light organic 'Revitalising Facial Exfoliation'. Then comes the mask and I recently purchased The Face Shop black head removing one so I will just use that then apply my face cream which is again my trusty Clinique Moisture Surge, I always just find myself coming back to it.

Then I just sit and scroll through social media and Bloglovin (which is my fave) and chill out till its time to go to bed.  By then I would have definitely reached for my Animal Crossing New leaf on my 3ds which I'm obsessed with at the moment, I'm still a child at heart!

Also I would have been watching my favourite youtuber - Shani Grimmond!!!

I would love to hear any of your night time/ pamper time routines!

Night Night


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