Monday, 11 January 2016

Review - Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

So I really wanted to try this new product out from mac, its their new range of liquid lipcolours. There are 15 shades ranging from nudes to very dark vampy colours. They retail for £21 so a little pricier than the lipsticks that are £15.50. I thought as its a review I would pick the darkest colour they had to try out - 'High Drama', in the swatch on the website it looks like a dark vampy red, so I was very excited. When it arrived I was a bit nervous as it looked a little darker than expected in the bottle (I always knew the swatches online never quite matched the actual colours).

Anyway my first thoughts were that the product looked a little darker than expected and that the packaging looked a bit cheap. Don't get me wrong I love mac and there sleek packaging for most things but this packaging didn't live up to the expectations. When I opened it the applicator inside is quite big, especially for something so pigmented because you need such precision, although its rather big the shape is quite useful!

So coming to the actual product when applying it I found its very pigmented but as soon as your lips touch the product goes patchy, so you do need to wait for it to dry otherwise you get a very noticeable bare patch in the middle of your lips. Also I noticed especially with this colour you needed about 3 layers to really get an even finish, because even when it dried it was patchy. Also this particular colour when applied shows up more black than red, which wasn't what I was expecting, so if you get this colour be prepared its basically black!

I tested it for a whole day and found as soon as you eat or drink it starts to crumble off so the staying power isn't very good and it doesn't wear off evenly either, it just crumbles off and leaves a rim around your lips.

The only good thing I did find was even though it was a really dark colour it didn't stain your lips so you could remove it with a makeup wipe quite easily.

I know this is quite a negative review, but I always want to tell the truth, and these are my honest opinions of the product. 
I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on the other colours!


(Disclaimer - the swatch photo has been taken from the Mac website directly, I'm in no way trying to claim it as my own.)


  1. Oh wow! It really doesn't sound like these are that brill! I suppose you expect a little more if you're paying more money for it! But hey, at least it didn't stain your lips haha!

  2. It's strange that you had this experience, I find so many people depend on MAC - you expect a higher quality. Strange! Disappointing, too, as that price is not exactly inexpensive!