Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Drugstore Highlighters VS Mac Mineralize Skinfinish

So I recently got the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle' and I thought I would do a review on it comparing it to the drugstore highlighters I own.

The first drugstore highlighter I have is the collection contour kit, now this is an all round amazing product and for the price I cannot fault it - £4.19. The packaging is very neat and sleek as its black and the highlighter from the kit is absolutely gorgeous, its so smooth and isn't too chunky with glitter, its just shimmery, and gives you a natural glow. Its also not too powdery, it just applies very easily and with a brilliant finish. 'Its a pearlescent shimmer powder to highlight and illuminate facial contours'.

The next drugstore highlighter I have is the makeup revolution radiance light in 'Breathe', its also amazing, although a bit more powdery than the collection one and I found that the glitters show up a little more, its still so gorgeous and again gives you such a natural glow. It currently retails at £3.50 as the website is having a massive sale at the moment so I would recommend you checking that out. Both of the drugstore highlighters I have are build able so you can have a natural highlight or build them up to me more of a dramatic look.

Now to the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, it retails at £24 and the packaging is very sleek and black. The product inside is gorgeous it gives such a beautiful glow to the skin, but I have found (like I found with the blushes as well) that they are quite powdery and you have to make sure you tap off any excess otherwise it leaves a powdery touch to the skin. But the finish is beautiful and even though it is a lot more pricey than the drugstore ones, if your thinking of splurging on a highlighter I would definitely recommend them. I own the shade 'Soft and Gentle' and I feel its a very versatile shade, it would definitely suit any skin tones as its not too bronzey for light skin tones, but not too pale for darker skin tones it just looks like a natural glow when added to the top of the cheekbones.

I would highly recommend all of the highlighters I have mentioned above, although the drugstore ones are definitely a lot cheaper the quality is still comparable to the Mac one. But if your willing to invest the money I would certainly say get the Mac one.

I hope everyone is having a brilliant new year so far!


(Disclaimer - The photos I have used in this post have been taken from the websites themselves or from google image, I am in no way trying to claim them as my own.)

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