Sunday, 6 December 2015

12 Days Of Blogmas #Day 6

So today in the advent calendar I got:

As I got a new bag yesterday and had to do the transfer over from the old one to the new one, I thought I would show you whats in my new bag;

  • So firstly in the pocket I have your usual girlie essentials ;), also with some spare bobby pins and hair bobbles.
  • The only other pocket in the bag is where my phone would go.
  • I have my car keys/house keys.
  • I have my perfume of choice at the moment which is - Benefit 'Maybe Baby'.
  • I have my honey Vaseline which is my all time favourite lip balm.
  • I have a pack of tissues.
  • My ted baker purse.
  • I have my lipstick of choice which is currently 'Ruby Woo' by Mac.
  • I also carry around my apple headphones with me everywhere.
This is the cleared out contents of my new bag, before I basically had the entirety of my make up bag floating around the bottom of my bag. Hope you guys liked this post and its only 19 days till Christmas.

(Also I hope you like the revamped look of SimplyBeautyByLauren, and the falling snow!)


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