Friday, 4 December 2015

12 Days Of Blogmas #Day 4

Today in the advent calendar I got:

This week I have been very busy;
  • Monday - I went to see my bestfriend to complete the rest of my UCAS application so it could be sent off, anyone else find it really difficult to complete, it just seems to be taking forever.
  • Tuesday- Unfortunately I have work every tuesday night leading up to christmas so thats going to be fun! Also today is the first day of delivery's from all the online Christmas shopping I have done, so many more to arrive... whoops!
  • Wednesday - Again I have to work every Wednesday night leading up to Christmas as well, so that's even worse! But today was a busy day at college we had someone come in who is a waxing specialist (also ex military) so that was really interesting even though I hate waxing!
  • Thursday - This was a busy day I had my second exam at college (Body massage) which I got 100% in, and then all afternoon I have been completing a spray tanning course, which was so much fun and I highly recommend anyone to do it!
  • Friday -  So first things first today I have woken up looking like an ompa lumpa from the spray tan, not good! Today is a more relaxed day I will do some tidying and jobs around the house and then I have my work Christmas meal this evening so that should be really good!
Anyway hope you liked hearing about my week and I would love to carry this on! Only 21 days till Christmas!


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