Thursday, 29 October 2015

Haul - Topshop

So it has become very clear that my favorite place to shop is Topshop... the entirety of my wardrobe is from there... literally all of it! I just find that every time I go on the website stuff accidentally ends up in my basket ;) ... my thought process is always the same... I will just see how it looks then take it back and it will be like it never happened.... I still haven't taken anything back its all just too nice. So recently as we are now officially in the colder months I thought I should get a few more warmer/wintery items to wear. Here they are;

 (I also got this one in khaki green there just isn't a picture available.)
(Also I know this isn't very wintery, but it was just so beautiful I couldn't resist.)
(Disclaimer - these pictures are from the website, I am in no way trying to claim them as my own.) 

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