Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Chit Chat :)

So as I am a day behind on Mondays blog post (I was unfortunately working), I thought it would just be nice to do a sort of chit chat post where I just talk about random stuff.

So first things first I am now comfortable with my morning cup of coffee and bowl of fruit, yogurt and honey...YUM! That is literally my favourite breakfast at the moment - raspberry, strawberry, Greek yogurt, honey and a sprinkle of chia seeds. It really does fill you up for a long time.

Anyway next week is the back to school/college week - dreading it! Back to getting up at half six every morning to get the bus...NOT FUN! Well its worth it because im going back for my final year completing level 3 Beauty Therapy, then hopefully I would love to go on and get a job in a Spa as the thought of making people relaxed and feel the way you do when you go to a spa everyday is what I dream to do. 

I actually went to a spa last week (as a very late birthday present) and had a rain drop massage - which was AMAZING! I love the atmosphere at spa's and how I could make people feel like that.

So now im just sat here watching the Sacconejoly's, relaxing and working for the last week before back to college. Plus I need to get back into a routine because I used to go to the gym twice a week and now I haven't been in ages and my eating habits have become so bad! Just Eat is my weakness, I cant stop ordering takeaways!

Off topic me and my bestfriend (who is also a makeup hoarder) have set ourselves a goal to use up as much of our beauty and makeup products as we can by Christmas as we have soooo much stuff, it means we can buy loads more next year and start a fresh 2016 collection. So there will be quite a few reviews coming up as I will be using a lot of new products, I challenge all of you to try it - you cant buy anymore (unless its a necessity) and you have to only use what you have. Its actually quite fun as you find so many things you never realised you had.

A little side note I have been soaking my hair once a week overnight in coconut oil, so if you have dry hair like me honestly it works really well. I also have really tangled hair and I would even go as far as saying it has helped detangle my hair.

I would love to hear what everyone else has been up to! 


  1. Hi Lauren...nice change from your usual blog posts...your blog is really good and would love to follow from now onwards...please feel to get in touch with me anytime on my blog...shrinkfly.weebly.com

  2. Hey, amazing post, I enjoy reading posts like these! Were so similar recently, I'm starting to use coconut oil for my hair, I am always watching SacconeJoly's, I used to go to the gym but I haven't been in so long, all I've been doing is ordering takeaways and relaxing, so unhealthy at the minute lol! I love being relaxed, I've been really wanting to go to a Spa, I just want to experience total relaxation, and have massages, and ahhhh I could do with one right now!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Awwww we are so alike aren't we :D and you should DEFINITELY go to a spa every girl deserves a bit of relaxation! xxx