Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Gerard Cosmetics Experience

So about a month ago I placed an order on Gerard Cosmetics. As I have heard such mixed reviews about the brand, I wanted to give them a chance, have my own opinion on them. So after spending over £50 I was quite content with my order and placed it - it qualified for free shipping as well so that was a bonus.

After waiting two weeks and the tracking not being updated I messaged them. They were so polite and explained it could take up to 4 weeks, at this point I was still very positive about the company. Then a week later I got a slip through saying my parcel couldnt be delivered as there was an outstanding charge of £11.98. I couldnt understand why as I qualified for free shipping, so I messaged them again. This was when (there very laid back, on the verge of unprofessional) replies grew to annoy me and were rather patronizing, saying it was a custom charge nothing to do with them. I have never had this problem before and I have ordered a lot of products online, but obviously this was my mistake not reading into the small print of their shipping terms. But because this was my own fault I had to pay the charges.

Then when I got my order it turns out I had ordered two of the same lipgloss -  Butter Cream, and the two lipsticks I got were identical in colour - 1995 and Rodeo Drive, this being my own fault obviously, but I think the excitement got the better of me when I was placing the order.

But anyway the products themsleves are fantastic and I am very pleased with them. They are gorgeous with beautiful packaging, I cant understand why anyone would moan about it.

Although I would not order from the direct site again (I would like to avoid another custom charges bill) there products are now available to buy from 'Beauty Bay' so that's where I would order them from. Overall my experience wasn't too bad, there were just aspects of it that could have been improved and it should be made more clear that you have to pay custom charges. But in the end the products I have are all beautiful and I am very pleased with them.

This is obviously just my own experience I cant speak for anyone else xxx

(Disclaimer the image I used is not my own it was found from google images and the link from there was to Shaaanxoblogs, so I am in no way trying to say its mine.)


  1. Customs charges are the worst! There have been so many things I nearly purchased but ended up not due to customs.

    But, I'm glad you were satisfied with what you purchased, as far as quality goes. And at least with the same colours if you grow to really like them you won't have to repurchase overly soon ;)


  2. Yeah they are a pain but luckily the products are great, and yeah im all stocked up now ;) xxx