Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Start

So here goes....

I have a love and passion for all things beauty.... my love (or should I say obsession) for makeup especially is getting out of hand, so instead of focusing on constant shopping trips I thought I would focus my energy on writing a blog. My bank balance would appreciate it!

I am a trainee beauty therapist currently completing level 2 and mentally preparing for level 3, I mean going from simple manicures and pedicures to epilation is just a terrifying thought! I went through the whole 'A Level' stage of life and realised it just wasn't for me and that the only thing I had a true interest in was beauty so I decided to pursue it at college. THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.

Anyway beauty has always been a big thing for me (not just a sob story), but I just genuinely wasn't a very confident person and wearing makeup changed that. I remember walking into the classroom every morning (at a very strict all girls school) and I would get two steps in and the teacher would give me a baby wipe and send me to the bathroom.... whoops! Make up was an escape for me I loved trying it out and that's when the old bank balance started hating on me.

On another note I also suffer with anxiety, I have had some very bad experiences with it and still don't have it totally under control, its a pain and a burden. To get through it I focus all my energy on what I love.... beauty. I aspire to be like all those incredible women out there... Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge. They are my idols. Watching them make it in the world of beauty inspires me and that is a main factor as to how I can still be such a strong character with a crippling inside (anyone with anxiety will know that crippling feeling in the bottom of your stomach as if someone has just winded you).

Anyway I thought I would just give a brief insight into my life and what I want my blog to contain.

Oh and it will probably end up being filled with first impressions as shopping seems to be something im too good at!!!



  1. You go for it gurl!! Props to you for pursuing your goals and your passions! Never stop doing that and I can't wait to see your future posts,and to see you go far! xxx

    1. No worries at all gal! Keep doing you cause you're awesomee xxx

  2. It's great to see people pursuing what they love! Nice personal post lovely, I look forward to reading more :) (I love personal posts aha) plus I'm pretty crap at makeup so will love to get some pointers from someone x
    Arora x